District 1 consists of Butte, Corson, Dewey, Harding, Perkins & Ziebach Counties.

District 1 Chairperson: Cristina Wilson, Butte County


Meeting Minutes 6-17-14

Meeting Minutes 5-21-15

Meeting Minutes 10-1-15

Meeting Minutes 5-27-16

Meeting Minutes 10-20-16

Meeting Minutes 2-3-17

Meeting Minutes 11-8-17

Meeting Minutes 6-1-17

Meeting Minutes 4-23-18

Meeting Minutes 10-18-19

Meeting Minutes 4-17-2020

Brenda Kari

Harding County Brenda Kari, Director

Dena Farlee

Ziebach County Dena Farlee, Director

Butte County

Butte County Donna Jones, Appraiser Kim Cooper, Office Admin Sandy Heidrich, Office Coordinator Lisa Nelson, Director Cristina Riesland, Appraiser

Perkins County

Perkins County Katie Helms, Clerk Corina Erickson, DOE Tracy Hintz, Deputy DOE

Dewey County

Dewey County Connie Marshall, Deputy Brandy Meier, Director

Corson County

Corson County Amy Schriock, Director

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Brenda Kari

Harding County Brenda Kari, Director