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District 7 includes Campbell, Edmunds, Faulk, McPherson, Potter & Walworth Counties.

District Chairperson: Jill Hoovegeen, Campbell County

Meeting Minutes 7-11-18

Meeting Minutes 3-10-17

Meeting Minutes 6-23-16

Meeting Minutes 6-6-14

Meeting Minutes 3-27-14

Meeting Minutes 8-15-13

Campbell County

Campbell County Jill Hoovegeen, Director

Potter County

Potter County Kelly Osier, Deputy DOE Adam Roseland, Director

McPherson County

McPherson County Hunter Heinrich, Assessor Brooke Graves, DOE Sharon Guthmiller, Clerk

Edmunds County

Edmunds County Sandra Northrup, DOE Brittany Duvall, Clerk/Zoning Administrator

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